Changes during Puberty

Changes during Puberty

Changes During Puberty

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After the age of ten years, an individual becomes an adolescent, and experiences a lot of physical changes in the body.Adolescent is a general term for teenagers of both sexes.Adolescence is the period of life between the onset of puberty and reaching adulthood, that is, the period that leads to reproductive maturity.An increase in height is the most apparent physical change during puberty.Exercise and eat healthy food to gain height faster. Everyone will not have the same rate of increase in height, as the height of individuals is controlled by the genes inherited from parents. During adolescence, the body shapes of boys and girls also change an increase in their heights. The larynx or voice box in boys grows during puberty and protrudes out, making it clearly visible, and is commonly called Adam’s apple. During puberty, sweat glands become active and start producing more sweat. During puberty, pimples or acne appear due to increased action of sebaceous glands or oil glands.

During puberty, the sex organs grow and become functionally active. The testes start producing male gametes, called sperms. During puberty, the ovaries grow and result in the maturation of the ovum. There is an increase in size of the penis with respect to different ages in males. Adolescents may experience mood swings during puberty. Puberty also results in mental and intellectual maturity. During puberty, the brain is very active and so will have a greater capacity to learn. Adolescence is the period of life that leads to reproductive maturity, making a person capable of reproduction. The growth of facial hair, that is, the beard and mustache, is a secondary sexual characteristic visible during adolescence. Puberty is marked by the development of breasts in girls Secondary sexual characters are used to distinguish a male from a female.

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